AC Systems Repair

Auto Air Conditioning Service
for Shaker Heights, OH

If your car's AC malfunctions, it will make your next trip or daily commute very uncomfortable. Your car may experience performance issues or outright break down on the road as a result of some types of AC malfunctions. When you notice your AC is not performing as it should, it’s time to take your vehicle in before the problem becomes more serious.
Expert Repairs & Diagnosis
We begin every auto air conditioning service & checkup with an expert diagnosis of the issue in order to make sure we have properly identified the problem. Our AC diagnosis checks:
  • Air conditioning compressor drive belt for cracks or damage
  • Air conditioning components for leaks or damage
  • The function of the air conditioning compressor and other components
  • The hoses, seals, and lines
After we determine the cause of your car's AC issue, we can perform the proper auto air conditioning service for Shaker Heights, OH, including:
  • Evacuating refrigerant from the system
  • Recharging the system refrigerant
  • Performing any necessary service on air conditioning components
  • Replace leaky hoses or seals
  • Recheck the system to ensure it is working as it should

Call for auto air conditioning service!

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